Update on George Ou’s status

I will be presenting a keynote in front of at least 700 Verizon managers plus additional industry partners at the Verizon Technology Forum this Friday on 4/11/2008 starting at 8:20 AM.  Note that my title was written before news of my ZDNet departure so it’s not updated yet.  Here’s an excerpt from EarthTimes.org:

“PALATINE, Ill. – (Business Wire) Verizon and OSP® Magazine today announced a stellar speaker lineup that will participate at the second annual exclusive Technology Forum to be held April 10-11, 2008, at the Hershey Lodge in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Speakers include: Day One Keynote by Claire Beth Nogay, SVP & Chief Network Officer, Verizon Telecom; Day Two Keynote ÔOur Industry Ten Years and Beyond,’ by David Carnevale, VP, Multimedia Content and Distribution, iSuppli Corporation and ÔThe Battle of the HD,’ by George Ou, CISSP, ZDNet Editor at Large (CNET Networks).”

Next week on Thursday 4/17/2008, I will appear on a panel before the FCC at Stanford University in Palo Alto California.  I will be on the panel called “Network Management and Consumer Expectations”.

The following week after that on the morning of 4/25/2008, I will be on another panel at the Center for Business and Public Policy at Georgetown University titledSpectrum Policy: From the Foundations to the Future.

My job hunt looks pretty good with a lot of good potential leads.  I’ll keep everyone posted here.