TFS 2010 Web Access “Access Denied” error – solved

A few days ago, one of the members of our QA team reported that they couldn’t access any projects in TFS 2010’s Web Access other than one. They were getting an “access denied” error with no troubleshooting information attached. The one project they could get to was the one that they had been working with the whole time. Upon further investigation, the entire QA staff had this problem! I checked every log I could find… IIS and Windows security logs on the SSRS, TFS, and SharePoint machines… no indication of a problem. Then I looked at the configuration, and everything was perfect. I certainly didn’t see any errors. Eventually, I made a dummy user, added it to the appropriate group for permissions, and fired up a clean VM to test. Here’s what I found.

The error came up as soon as you chose “” from the project drop down. It looks like a standard Windows dialog box and simply says “Access denied” with a single “OK” button. However… if you click “OK” on this window, and pay REALLY close attention, you’ll see that your Web browser (we are using IE here… thanks to MS CRM) is blocking a popup from the site. Allow popups from the site and try again, problem solved! The “access denied” is actually from the Web browser or JavaScript running in the Web browser being denied permission to bring up the window to select a project.


One thought on “TFS 2010 Web Access “Access Denied” error – solved”

  1. Dear James,

    The solution mentioned above is very clear to us.We have similar kind of situation in TFS 2010 .

    Our QA team encountered a pop, which asks for credentials .On entering the credentials still TFS web access does not accept them . But a user who has administrator access is able to open it .

    Pls suggest what could be the reason.

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