2 thoughts on “Server operational again”

  1. That certainly was a long outage, at least judging from your last post here.

    Have you had a chance to look at the Android USB stick computers. I’m using one, an iMito MX1 connected to my 42″ otherwise wifi-less TV, and am very happy with it. Using it for Netflix, Youtube, and a few games.

  2. @Greg Moore
    Well it wasn’t out since the last post, just last 2 months which is too long.

    I have seen some Android USB stick-sized devices used as media playback devices. I don’t know of any that can plug into the HDTV USB port to pull power, but wouldn’t surprise me if that existed.

    UPDATE – Ah here we go. This device pulls USB power and outputs HDMI. The funny thing is that just a plain USB stick with video files will play on the HDTV, but not every format is supported.

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