Intel ‘Sandy Bridge’ i5 2500K plus mobo for $280

Wow, Micro Center really has a great bundle deal on the new Intel “Sandy Bridge” i5 2500K quad-core unlocked CPU and GA-P67A-UD3 LGA 1155 P67 ATX Motherboard for $280!  These new CPUs are the newest and most advanced consumer CPUs to date.

Note that this price is for in-store pickup only, but they still offer some great non-bundled deals.  Any of the “K” designated models are multiplier unlocked which is the only practical method of Sandy Bridge overclocking.  Base clock overclocking is now impractical because everything is tied into a single base clock and it forces too many components to run in overdrive which severely limits the degree to which you can boost the system.

This particular “P67” motherboard is needed to support memory and CPU overclocking (and apparently no HDMI, DVI, or VGA out even though the CPU has the GPU built in).  The “H67” motherboards support graphics overclocking.  Both support the integrated on-die CPU graphics of the new Sandy Bridge architecture.  And for those of you new to “Sandy Bridge”, here’s a good primer on the new architecture and review.

This particular bundle is great for power users without the need for an additional graphics card as the on-die GPU built into the CPU is as powerful as an entry level discrete graphics card.  Gamers will use this system with a high end graphics card for the best gaming performance.

5 thoughts on “Intel ‘Sandy Bridge’ i5 2500K plus mobo for $280”

  1. MicroCenter has been competitive with their processors for some time. This is the first time that I have seen them be this competitive on their combos.

    For a Brick and Mortar store, I think they are only second to Fry’s

    1. @Johan

      Then why does it say HDMI on the “P” series products?

      Ah wait, I looked at the motherboard photo and I don’t see an HDMI port. I think you may be right Johan.

  2. @Michael

    This is definitely a “loss leader” and a big one at that. It also gets me in their store and the hope is that you’ll buy the rest of the computer and a bunch of other accessories. Fry’s has not had any great combo deals for a long time, not even the last Black Friday. The result is that I haven’t visited them as often which means I won’t buy as much crap that I don’t really need.

  3. MicroCenter is definitely an odd store. They have great deal on Apple products. Usually so good that they won’t list the prices directly. Then once they get you in the store, they are pretty strong at trying to push Apple Care on the customer.

    This is definitely a loss leader. While some of their products are fair priced, I have seen others that definitely run up the cost. Their video cards have gotten ridiculous from time to time and their cases can run extremely high in cost. Then again, shipping and handling on cases usually kill any savings.

    My only problem is that I usually burn $30 in gasoline just to get to the nearest store.

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