Intel i3 540 and Gigabyte H55 motherboard deal

Fry’s (San Francisco Bay Area stores only) has a great deal on an Intel i3 540 CPU and Gigabyte H55m-S2H motherboard for just the cost of the CPU.  That basically saves the cost of a $90 motherboard (price at Newegg) and the cost of shipping if you live near a Fry’s.  Here’s a positive review of the Gigabyte H55m-S2H motherboard in case you’re wondering if the motherboard is worthwhile.

This is a low-power Intel “Clarkdale” system with a 32nm dual-core Westmere-class CPU and a 45nm Intel G55-class graphics processor built into the CPU package.  Power consumption is very low for idle and peak and Clarkdales are known for extreme overclocking potential.  The motherboard has DVI and HDMI so it is a great HTPC candidate.

The Clarkdale graphics is has full dual-stream 1080P offload and probably more than double the 3D performance of the older G45 based graphics from Intel.  That’s still not good graphics performance by any stretch of the imagination, but decent for an integrated part for casual gaming like World of Warcraft type games but not too good 3D shooters.

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  1. George,
    I went into one of our local Fry’s on the day of a previous (similar) post you had (some MB – CPU combo deal). Those sales are very localized, according to the salesman I talked to. He did indicate that they (the local/area stores) do have similar deals on Fridays, but that they are not the same city to city.

    Might I suggest that you find a different approach to posts like this? I got all excited by the idea of a great deal, on something that I really wanted, only to find out that it wasn’t remotely possible.

    Please stop teasing us like this :-)

  2. Ah sorry DEK, I’ll be sure to list the store next time. I’m sure they’ll probably have something like this at your store one of these weeks. They probably rotate them or something.

  3. DEK, for the most part, those CPU/MB combos are the same. The prices sometimes vary by $10.00 or $20.00, but the components are generally the same. With that said, the distribution of H/W combos is not even. Some stores (even in cities with multiple fry’s) get more than the other.

    I picked up an i7-860 and Biostar MB for 250 back on 1/7 (sold the MB and bought a different one). That deal was in every Fry’s ad that I checked. can’t check them all, but I checked Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Austin and the Bay Area ads….all had it.

    With that said, occasionally one store does get a deal that others don’t, but that’s the exception to the rule.

    I wish I lived near a frys, but until move back to a city with one, I’ll just have to hope that when I visit with friends, Fry’s has something good on sale 😀

  4. I have same system i3 540 h55m-s2h 2GB ddr3 1333mhz 450 watt
    Can I overclock to 3.4 ghz or 3.6 ghz

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