Hold off on Intel Sandy Bridge for a month

Intel found a problem last week with the new H67 and P67 chipset used for the Sandy Bridge processors and decided to halt shipments last night.  The problem will be resolved by the end of February so hold off on the Sandy Bridge system purchases until the motherboard chipset is resolved.  Apparently the problem involves a slow degradation of the four 3 Gbps SATA ports but not the two 6 Gbps SATA ports, and it only affects 5% of the chipsets after 3 years of typical usage.  Doesn’t sound like a serious problem, but you’re better off waiting for a fixed chipset.

Actually, you won’t have a choice but to wait since the motherboards have already been pulled.  Newegg has already yanked all the P67 and H67 motherboards and we probably won’t see products until end of February or possibly as late as April for volume shipments.  This basically means a halt to all Sandy Bridge products since there’s no point buying a CPU if you can’t get a motherboard for it.  If you already have an H67 or P67 motherboard, I would ask the vendor for a recall and I’d expect them to send me a replacement.

2 thoughts on “Hold off on Intel Sandy Bridge for a month”

  1. This mistake is somewhat insulting because other vendors could have built chipsets without this problem, but because Intel no longer licenses their architecture out to build chipsets for, the rest of us have to suffer and wait patiently for Intel to fix their wrong.

    I feel that this is petty anti-competitive behavior that is holding the momentum back. However because of Intel’s insistence we have to wait. AMD on the other hand hasn’t locked out third party chipset makers. Not that AMD will have an opportunity to catch up, but this is one of those times where they don’t look like such a bad alternative.

    1. @Michael

      Note that you can still use 3rd party SATA controllers. This problem affects the four 3-Gbps SATA ports but not the two 6-Gbps SATA ports. However, you won’t be able to buy any H67 or P67 motherboards (with exception of ebay) until the flaws are fixed.

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