George Ou’s departure from ZDNet

This is a note to my valuable readers.  CNET Networks, owner of ZDNet, laid off 10% of its North American work force on Wednesday March 26th 2008 and I was caught up in this round’s layoffs.  I was one of two permanent editors on staff at ZDNet but despite being one of the top draws with ~1 million page views a month, CNET/ZDNet let me go.  I provided valuable insight to ZDNet while I was there with in-depth analysis and insight from an IT Engineer’s point of view and I enjoyed stimulating your minds and entertaining you.  CNET is in some financial trouble and they took some desperate measures and they made the decision that I am expendable.  While I may disagree with that decision, it isn’t mine to make and I’m going to move on to greener pastures.

So far, several potential news organizations have shown interest but they’re checking for an opening.  But if I can’t get a solid offer, then I’ll go back to the IT Consulting business which I was perfectly happy doing and maybe do some blogging on the side.  My IT skill set hasn’t declined because I spent the last 2 years analyzing and researching technology and I acquired my CISSP certification during that time.  However, I may also explore other careers but it’s too early to say at this point since it’s only been 2 days since my departure from ZDNet.

At this point in time, this site is a static HTML site only but I’ll convert it in to some sort of IT/Technology portal with dynamic HTML, RSS, and a full talkback system.  Sorry there are no RSS feeds on this site right now but I’ll keep this front door updated with any additional news so please check back manually for the time being.  Thank you for your support.

George Ou

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  1. I ended my daily visits to ZDnet in disgust immediately after the latest website upgrade debacle. A real dis-service and gross waste of money. Even worse than the prior upgrade.

    But today I just had to get a dose of George so I went back. couldn’t find him. A quick search got me here and I am happy to again read the straight talk that had previously brought me to ZDnet.

    Welcome back and best wishes.


  2. Thanks CM, a lot of people didn’t like the new design

    Thanks CM, a lot of people didn’t like the new design, especially after they killed the blog portal which is vital for a site that big with that many bloggers. I think most people could tolerate the new look more or less, but the lack of functionality really kills it.

  3. Sorry to hear of the layoff, George. To tell you the truth, you’ve been really rude to me a few times. Maybe your bosses too notice. Good luck.

    [George Ou’s reply] I am frank when I respond to people, but I never attack people on a personal level. But I can assure you that this wasn’t the reason for the layoff.

  4. Dang George, I’m sorry to hear about your leaving ZDNet… your blog, along with Adrian’s 2.0 blog were about all I bothered reading after the last ZDNet site update.

    I certainly hope things work out well for you.

    Oh, and I have a question about your new digs: Are you going to continue those ultra-cool DIY projects like the ones you did at ZDNet?

  5. Jeparham, I will have a new DIY computer configuration very soon

    Jeparham, I will have a new DIY computer configuration very soon. Do you have any specific requests for a computer?

  6. Seems like CNET/ZDNet threw the baby out with the bathwater…. too bad for them, but I am sure it will work out better in the end for you than it will for them. Best of luck with wherever you land.

  7. If you believe that the future’s bright it will be. Perhaps the wise words from my grandfather 50 years ago said when I was not sure what to do for my first job, "Just find something you like doing and get some dam fool to pay you to do it" It took me ten years from then and I did well for the next 40 working years and still enjoy it and people still pay me to do it.

    Make your own luck.


  8. Franz Kafka: "Sorry to hear of the layoff, George. To tell you the truth, you’ve been really rude to me a few times. Maybe your bosses too notice."

    If there is one thing that differentiates the modern generation from earlier ones, it’s the fact that they want everything sugar coated. This includes most forms of expression and retort (even if many of the same complainers speak vulgarly and use curse words with amazing regularity). Frankness today comes like a breath of fresh air, mostly due to its scarcity, yet it smacks of rudeness and even a threat to many. With skin as thin as paper lace, these new gen "PCers" bring a whole new meaning to that old – and dual headed – acronym.

    Don’t change a thing George, and don’t cater to the lowest common denominator. If they can’t handle the give and take, let’ em run for shelter, where everything tends to be safer, and the shell shock of reality is far less formidable.

  9. I’m looking forward your new site/blog. I’m sure it’s going to be great.

    I got laid off 3 years ago and took the plunge into my own company. I don’t regret it for a moment. The first two years were rough financially, but things have come together since. Other than my boss being a real jerk it’s well worth it.

    Good luck!

  10. As odd as it is seeing someone like George actually get the toe from ZDNet, on the other hand its a long way from the first time I, or anyone has seen a big company make a switch they thought was bright from some obscure perspective.

    Well, it is ZDNet loss, I mean that as no cutting or sarcastic remark, simply the truth. If all goes as usual, and George hangs tough with this website I suspect about a year from now ZDNet will have had many advertisers ask ZDNet why were they so foolish to let George go, because I have to believe at that time hew will be plenty successful here.

  11. Franz Kafka from the back page of Car and Driver magazine? Nah, must be a different Franz Kafka, cause the one in the magazine can be really rude to people who write in, and that would be the pot calling the kettle black. So it must be a different Franz Kafka.

    George, you are always a welcome guest on the Computer America Show.

    Carey Holzman

  12. I just found out why I no longer see George Ou on ZDNet… sorry to see this. Just like I’m sorry David Berlind is no longer there. But I noticed David is now on InformationWeek …

    I wonder if your departure is somewhat related to the chastisement of another ZDNet writer over your warnings of Vista SP1 problems… I see he is writing much to bolster Vista now. But I just read this morning an article from Yegalup on InformationWeek on the problems of Vista SP1. (Thankfully my experience with Vista SP1 has been excellent on my factory Toshiba notebook – it even runs a bit faster.)

    Maybe it’s apparent I’ve switched much of my tech reading away from ZDNet.

    Best of luck to you Mr. Ou… I am one who has gained much from your tech insights and have bookmarked this site.


  13. I didn’t really have too many problems with Ed Bott, he’s a good guy who just over reacted to my Vista SP1 post. We get along just fine.

    The problem with ZDNet (CNET Networks) is that their ship is sinking financially and they decided to cut me despite my contributions to ZDNet. We have some theories on why that is but it’s water under the bridge and I’m not going to go in to it here. Thanks.

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