Debunking the hype that the new BitTorrent protocol is “network friendly”

uTP-network-friendlyThe story that the new BitTorrent client uTorrent 2.0 is “network friendly” is making the top headlines on the Web and mailing lists.  The only problem with this story it that it has no actual data to back up its assertions.  I took the time yesterday to run some tests on the new uTorrent 2.0 beta build 16850 which supports the new “friendly” BitTorrent UTP.  Based on my initial testing, the claim that the new BitTorrent client is network friendly appears to be false.

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One thought on “Debunking the hype that the new BitTorrent protocol is “network friendly””

  1. And in exhibit A, we have a Storage tech who apparently doesn’t understand the concept of what is going on with Network Neutrality:

    The problem still exists that no packet has priority over the others.

    I appreciate what they are trying, but they still won’t resolve the problem.

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