Apple’s 3.5″ tablet costs $749

Apparently, Apple’s 3.5 inch tablet with 3G and phone capability (what Apple calls their “iPhone”) with 16 or 32 MB storage costs $649 or $749.  These devices are nice, but it’s against my principles to pay that kind of profit margin for a device like this.

If I was in the market for a phone and data service contract that subsidized it, I’d wait for the next model.  This timing just doesn’t seem right.

3 thoughts on “Apple’s 3.5″ tablet costs $749”

  1. Yes, but their 3.5 inch tablet with WiFi (what Apple calls their “ipod Touch”) can sometimes be found for as little as $189. It does everything the iPhone does except make calls, and with apps like Text Free, it can even do that, too. I refuse, on principle, to buy my daughter a cell phone that would force me to contribute upwards of $20 monthly to Verizon’s revenue stream for a texting plan. But the ipod Touch gives her unlimited texting, Facebook, FaceTime, Web, email, and music for nothing more than the up front cost of the device. Combine it with a MiFi device that gives us WiFi everywhere we go, and everybody’s happy.

    And to think I was thrilled to have a transistor radio when I was a kid.


  2. This year (2011) we’ve hit a point in the US were more than 20% of homes no longer had a land line telephone in them. (Mine has not since 2003). Might we hit a point in the future where we will no longer have “phones” at all? If everyone had a 3.5 inch tablet with text and some sort of facetime and a mifi, would we need phones?

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