4th generation iPod touch pressures the android device market

Speaking as someone who would never install iTunes on his computer (which rules out Apple products for me), I can’t help but notice that the new iPod touch just made all the android mini tablets like the Ramos W7 or even the Dell Streak obsolete. There’s no 3G capability, but you can get a MiFi device that’s far more useful. The smoother UI in conjunction with the superior display is the killer feature of this phone, not to mention the iOS app store.

There might still be a market for 5″ and 7″ devices, but word has it that Apple is going to fill the gap between 3.5″ and 9.8″ soon.

I guess the good news is that the generic clone market is going to have to lower their prices if they want to be competitive.  The Ramos W7 android device costs $50 less than the entry iPod touch and it has an SDHC and HDMI slot as well as a larger 4.8″ LTPS screen which makes it a plausible alternative.  The big margin for Apple is the 32 GB and 64 GB models which you almost have to buy since there is no SDHC slot on the iPod and external readers like this are just plain ugly.  Still, Apple is putting the major squeeze on its competitors.

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  1. Pogue has an article on the Virgin Mobile MiFi. $40/month, as needed, no limits, no contracts. Like you said, WAY more useful.

    The strong (IMO) upside to an iOS device with 3G is “find my iPhone” service. Unless you leave you device unlocked and someone can join a WiFi only iOS device to a network, you can’t use the service is only good for when you misplace your device in familiar surroundings, not if you have it stolen.

    Serious question, why the iTunes hate? Do you have a link to another story you wrote on that already?

    1. iTunes has always been bloatware with tons of security flaws. Earliest versions many years ago even wiped people’s secondary hard drives.

      That said, if I can find a good wireless remote for my Canon T2i using the iPod Touch and I can justify the expenditure, I may actually get one.

  2. I agree, this device type started by the iPhone and culminating in the iPad is compelling. As a photographer, I really appreciate the superior display quality. In addition, several applications including DSLR Remote, and Air Display have no equivalent anywhere else.

    Less you think this is coming from a fanboy, nothing could be further from the truth, my “day job” consists of support Windows based networking, a ton of SBS and a fair amount of Exchange – my introduction to the Apple world came about mainly from having to configure a few hundred iPhones for Exchange…. Another interesting project was configuring a Windows Terminal Server to properly authenticate against a Mac based Open Directory network (btw, its *much* easier to do it the other way around).

    I too think iTunes is about the worst piece of software foisted on the planet – clearly, all major decisions being made by marketing suits….

  3. Hey don’t blame the messenger. I’m still going to find a cheaper generic Android device or WinCE 7 device if it is offered at a good price. I’m just making the observation that Apple is dominating this market with these prices and specifications.

    1. But you have to buy a wireless module for something like the Canon T2i to be able to support this?

      I wonder if they’ll have something for the Android market. It’s still quite difficult to get good focus from a 3.5″ display no matter what the resolution is. Size does matter.

  4. @George: understand on the bloatware & Windows QuickTime Hate. Mentioning security thought prompts another thought: Apple gets slammed for its “walled” aspect to it’s garden, Android gets lauded for its openness, yet the tech and security communities haven’t contrasted the security vulnerabilitie and protection differences between the two approaches.

    Does the highly invasive and sometimes capricious Apple App review process held end users avoid a whole host of security issues? People love to download and try out all sorts of “apps” on these device, I think more so than on desktops. And these devices often have lots of personal data.

    1. @KiltBear,

      The App store is not comparable to Apple’s Windows software. Apple has gone as far as shipping a Trojan horse virus on their products and instead of apologizing for it, they blame Windows. They’re notorious for writing inferior versions of their software for Windows and if you complain, they’ll just tell you to “get a Mac”.

      So I say no thanks to Apple’s Windows software and I’m not particularly keen on paying Apple’s luxury tax on their hardware.

  5. I suppose it’s easy to point to a program and say “it’s bloated”. People say that about Windows 7, Office, etc. At the same time, we never seem to hear about the features they’d like to see removed. Obviously, George, you must want a “lean” product, right. One that just plays music, right? No?

    I would agree that adding things like “Ping” does seem to add bloat. Apple obviously does it to tie in to music purchases, etc. Likewise, I don’t see much of an alternative for them. Do we really want one program to manage our music, another to sync with our devices, another to purchase new media, another just for music specific social networking, etc? Do we then want to make sure all of these are kept in sync, etc. in order to remain compatible? Personally, I like the iTunes interface and have never had a problem with security or reliability.

    Also, what alternative do you recommend? Preferably a cross platform alternative would be nice. Which product are you specifically thinking of that handles all of your needs so nicely and isn’t “bloated”? You see, people say the same thing about Microsoft Office, but at the end of the day, these same people are not willing to move to NotePad for their word processing needs, despite Notepad being much leaner.

    The message here is that it’s easy to criticize, but it’s much harder to provide constructive solutions along with your criticism. As it stands George, you simply come off as just another Apple hater. You might actually earn some respect if you were to provide recommended solutions for how iTunes should be. Of course, then your ideas would be open for criticism and we can’t have that, can we? 😉

  6. @Steve

    I don’t like dozens of security updates from Apple software every few months. I don’t like the fact that those vulnerabilities are there. Yes, other software requires updates as well, but not this many critical vulnerabilities.

    What alternatives you ask? MP3 is a nice standardized format and I buy those all the time. How do I get that to my devices? I just plug the device in and drag the files over. It’s not complicated at all and I’ve been doing it for some time.

    You’re calling me an Apple hater right after I praised the iPod Touch as being superior in so many ways? This inability to accept any criticism of Apple is one thing that really annoys me most about Apple fanbois.

    All I said was that iTunes wasn’t right for me; I didn’t say it was wrong for you or anyone else. I said I don’t want to buy Apple products but I’m not telling you not to and I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t tell me what I should or shouldn’t buy. If you don’t like Microsoft Office then good for you, there are alternatives for you. If someone else prefers to use MS Office, good for them.

  7. Get over it.

    “I don’t like dozens of security updates from Apple software every few months. I don’t like the fact that those vulnerabilities are there. Yes, other software requires updates as well, but not this many critical vulnerabilities.”

    You are a living and breathing paradox. And a moron at that.

    1. @Geist

      Guys like you are truly Apple’s worst enemy and the funny thing is that you don’t even realize it. I mean I’ve never understood this attitude. Are you just always this much of a jerk? You want people to join your club and if anyone dares question anything you say, you call them a moron.

      Guys like John Murray comes along and offers some helpful suggestions that make me want an iPod touch even more and then a rabid Apple fanboi like you and reminds me why I don’t want an Apple.

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